Upper Chichester – There are many families in Delaware County that cannot afford to sufficiently provide a healthy and nutritious diet for their children.  There are also many seniors that cannot make ends meet anymore during difficult financial times.  This was especially the case during the COVID-19 Pandemic with many residents out of work and many families needing help for the first time.  Many of these issues still linger on.

Residents may be eligible for Food Stamps, also now known as Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program (SNAP).  SNAP is the largest program in the domestic hunger safety net helping put food on the table for low-income residents.  The Community Action Agency of Delaware County, Inc. (CAADC) continues to help these families through the SNAP/Food Stamp Participation Project.  Last year the Project helped over 500 families register for assistance.

The Project is an outreach program to assist low-income individuals and families in understanding and applying for participation in the SNAP/Food Stamp Program.  Eligible applicants do not even need to go into the Welfare Office to apply but can do it through CAADC’s Program.  Many people who would be eligible for the SNAP/Food Stamp Program do not apply because they believe that they have to be on Welfare to be receiving SNAP/Food Stamps or because they do not want to use paper Food Stamps at a grocery store.  However, participants do not have to be receiving Welfare benefits to be eligible.  In addition, participants now use a card similar to a bank ATM card instead of paper stamps.

CAADC CEO Edward T. Coleman stated “It is really important that all families have access to the help they need.  This program can assist families with getting food for their household and to keep children from being hungry.”

For a confidential screening to find out if you qualify please call Marie Pearson at (610) 874-8451.