A married couple with four children (13 year old son, 6 year old daughter, 3 year old son with special needs and a 1 year old daughter) became homeless when the husband lost his job.  They were not able to maintain their mortgage payments and the house went into the foreclosure process.  The family was sustaining itself based on Public Assistance and Food Stamps.  As the time approached for the family to be out of the house they turned to CAADC for assistance.  The family was approved for the Rapid Re-Housing Program and found a 3 bedroom house in the same school district.  The husband was able to find a full-time job quickly at a service station and with initial rental subsidies were able to stabilize their situation.  He stated “I was really lost as to how I was going to support my wife and 4 children because we had lost all hope until we came into CAADC.  I am forever thankful for your support for myself and my family.”