A 26-year old resident was reunited with her 6 year-old daughter after being separated for almost a year thanks to CAADC’s services.  She became separated from her daughter when she became homeless after a household breakup.  She was also pregnant at the time.  She was able to stay temporarily with a family member but that was too crowded and she had to leave.  They did allow the daughter to stay.  Over the next few months she stayed at a shelter for pregnant women and eventually had her baby.

She came to CAADC’s Coordinated Entry program for assistance with housing.  She was referred and accepted into CAADC’s Rapid Re-Housing Program after being on the waiting list for a few more months.  She had just gone back to work after maternity leave and was eager to find housing and to bring her family back together again.  After several weeks of searching for housing she was not successful in identifying a new home suitable for her family’s needs.  CAADC’s Housing Locator was able to find an available unit that she liked and was in an area near her family.  She received furniture from CAADC’s Donations Warehouse.  Finally her daughter was reunited with her in her new home.